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Aero Town
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Styled head lamp   Fog lamp   Corner Vanes
Side flap door   Climate Control System    
    Delivers superior heating, cooling and ventilation performance. The advanced climate control system delivers fresh air throughout the cabin    




Welcome Aboard
The Atmosphere is Cheerful and Roomy

The efficient layout creates a spacious, cheerful atmosphere that passengers and crew will appreciate. We’ve carefully engineered everything right down to the smallest detail to enhance comfort and make each passengers feel like a VIP

37+1 Seat   24+1 Seat   Board Type Shelves (Opt.)
        Shelves integrate perfectly with the air conditioning louvers.
Centre Console Box   Line Light (Opt.)    TV (Opt.)
For a softer, more relaxed ambience   Extra high output brightens the atmosphere.    A great way to entertain and inform your customers



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