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HD 270 Mixer
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Hyundai Mixers are a great way of delivering concrete to construction sites. They transport ready-mixed concrete from a batcher plant, with the spiral blades continuously agitating the concrete in the drum They also mix cement, aggregates and water to create concrete on the move.

Hyundai 9m3 Mixer Trucks are a major upgrade from the HD270 7m3 model. The increased capacity translates into a 30 % gain in transport efficiency by cutting transport time and fuel costs. This makes the 9m3 Mixer Truck an unbeatable solution for value – conscious mixer truck operators and ready – mix concrete suppliers worldwide.

• HD270 ( 6 x 4 ) - 7m³ • HD270 ( 6 x 4 ) - 9m³

• HD370S ( 6 x 4 ) - 9m³


• HD160 ( 4 x 2 )

• HD270 ( 6 x 4 )

• HD370 ( 8 x 4 ) 

Hyundai Medium-duty Dump Trucks are ideal for transporting gravel, sand and aggregate to small- and medium-scale construction sites. They use a dumping mechanism to unload directly from the deck.

Hyundai Heavy Duty Dump Trucks are a good choice for transporting large quantities of sand, gravel and stone to construction sites. They feature an open-box bed and a powerful dumping mechanism mounted on the chassis.

Dump Deck Extension

The HD65 Truck comes in two versions in deck height. The standard version measures 290mm tall, while the extended version 400mm tall.

The HD270 and HD370 Trucks are available in two versions, standard and extended in deck height.

• HD270 ( 6 x 4 ) - Extended Deck

• HD370 ( 8 x 4 ) - Extended Deck


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