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UNIVERSE Express Noble

2 piece windshield glass / parallel type wiper / standard outside rear view mirror

1 piece windshield glass / overlap type wiper / 3 section outside rear view mirror(OPT)

Integrated air conditioner

Refined and luxurious UNIVERSE High Decker Chrome.

Clear head lamp (High Decker)   Chrome plated front garnish molding (High Decker)   Streamlined front bumper and fog lamp (High Decker)
Curved B-pillar (High Decker)   Black bezel head lamp (Standard Decker)   Front garnish with LH/RH mesh (Standard Decker)
Protrusion typed front bumper and fog lamp (Standard Decker)   Vertical type B pillar (Standard Decker)   Rear bumper with reverse warning system(OPT)
Rear marker lamp   Rear combination lamp   Pair glasses on driver's window and front door secure better visibility by preventing frost, and isolate noise from outside
Stylish 3 section outside rear view mirror   Standard outside rear view mirror   Swing-out type middle door
Swing-out type entrance door   Power window in driver's side & Manual window in driver's side   Front / Rear aluminum wheel
        The new HD 450L, HD 600L tractors are the right choice for customer’s needs of low fuel consumption, high payload and maximum vehicle availability in long distance transport
Front / Rear wheel cover        
Driving Space (Wood grain)   Sporty and stylish cluster   Chassis system controls
Power window and air conditioning controls   Driving Space (Standard)   Deluxe type driver's partition
Multi-functional Driver's seat (Additional functions compared with air suspension seat)   Noble 45 seater (High deck)   New fluorescent room lamp & Mood lamp & 2-row LED line light
LED floor lamp   Lid type shelves   Driver's additional overhead shelf (noble, deluxe shelves)
Powertec engine   Electro magnetic radiator fan clutch


Oil filter   Fuel filter
ZF Retarder (Noble only)   Drum brake   Jake brake


Auto slack adjuster   Gradual parking brake    







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