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Fire Truck

Hyundai Fire Trucks are an efficient fire fighter and rescuer at the same time. They come in several kinds, depending on their intended uses and structural configurations - such as telescopic ladder, aerial ladder, chemical and water tank fire trucks.

Water tank and chemical fire trucks are the most widely used in the world.

• HD72( 4 x 2 )

• HD120( 4 x 2 )

• HD170( 4 x 2 )

 4WD Trucks

• HD120( 4 x 4 ) - With Crane

 4WD Trucks are a true workhorse driven by four wheels, each receiving torque from the engine. They are ideal for heavy duty off-road operations such as snow removal, disaster responses or bush fire extinguishing. The trucks are capable of negotiating a maximum gradeability of 60 percent. The HD120 model is available in two versions ; standard and super.

Double Cab

Hyundai Double Cab Trucks add rear passenger seats to the standard cab of a truck to increase passenger capacity.

The Double Cab Trucks are popularly used as fire trucks, water cannon trucks or 4WD trucks.

• HD120( 4 x 2 )

Mobile Laundry

• HD65( 4 x 2 )

Hyundai Mobile Laundry Vans are fitted with commercial-grade washing machines powered by an auxiliary engine to bring laundry service to residents without access to laundry machines or service such as flood sufferers.

Mobile Bath

Hyundai Mobile Bath Vans are a bathroom on wheels.

Equipped with a bath tub, a water tank and other amenities, they bring bathing service to residents immobile or physically unable to bathe themselves.

• HD65( 4 x 2 )

Liftable Air Suspension

• HD260( 6 x 4 ) - With Pusher Axle

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